Monday, December 15, 2008

Goblin Network for Advertising.

Are you new to Internet marketing? Does your budget allow you to market your business so you can start making money? I would guess probably not! One of the main skills you need, is the ability to write articles and content that relates to people and their particular situation. One of the more popular forms of advertising right now is blogging. Having a blog instead of a website is a more efficient way of driving leads to you because search engines can recognize the writing in your blog as more important. This can lead to a better ranking on a search engine which in turn will allow yourself more traffic flow. There are always new forms of advertising that people come across that can be very expensive and time consuming. I recently have come in contact with a new company called Goblin that allow you to write articles. This is an excellent way to get noticed because traffic is driven from various other areas on the net directly to what you have talked about in your article. Goblin Network is a very inexpensive way for you to get leads and grow your business. Here is a link to for you to poke around to see what Goblin is all about.

Jeremiah Jens

Friday, November 21, 2008

Keep it simple

who knew this stuff would work? But it does, NOT everyone sits and stares at the computer all day. I had a 14 hr. a day FULL-TIME job when I started. So I used simple little things like clasified ads,FLYERS,drop cards,magazine ads,"biz opp" post-cards who knew? These are just of few of the simple tools and tricks that I have used in the past that I know work.